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SVGLoader and policies

From: Roman Joost
Subject: SVGLoader and policies
Date: Fri, 27 Aug 2004 23:23:17 +0200
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I've a few questions about a common policies. 

During spending some time at the SVG loader and playing around with some
methods, I'll find it usefull to add a new class which handles the style
lookup better and adopt some CSS work if needed.  That means, the
methods of the SVGHandler care more about the 'construction work' of the
shapes and the styling class cares about how the shapes will look like.

How is this basically handled in the sketch project. Is it more 'program
as you think' or should I better ask when adding classes and moving
methods?  What python version do you prefer and can I use new-style[1]

There is also a little wish. It would be really nice to have TrueType
font support. I browsed the mailinglists a bit and found the hint to
curvetext and JapaneseText. I also found a reply from Bernhard
Herzog[2], who was considering moving to GTK2 with PANGO support, where
skencil is currently developed in. Well, what do you've in mind and what
are the plans for a nice font dialog (-support).
I really want to give it a try to implement such a thing. I was
currently about working on a reportlab[3] application[4] which can use
also TrueType fonts. It does all the low level stuff in python (which
means, parsing the TrueType fonts) and I implemented a (currently) basic
WIFI library[5] in python for myself. If I would implement the TrueType
font support, would probably going the python way for that.

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Roman Joost
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