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want to spare some time to sketch

From: Roman Joost
Subject: want to spare some time to sketch
Date: Wed, 18 Aug 2004 20:47:24 +0200
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I was tracking the sketch development more often then it was, where I
mostly used the software. The program itself was a very usefull tool for
me in the past. So for this a very big thanks to the Authors and every

It seems, that the development stagnates a bit last time, so I was
thinking about giving a helping hand with fixing some bugs and maybe
implementing some minor things. The last years, I earned a reasonable
amount of programming python programs, so at least I know the syntax ;)
I was mostly involved in ZOPE projects, but used python for some of my
own programs as well. I'm spending also some of my freetime the GIMP
project, where I'm trying to push the project for the user documentation

I looked at the project page on savannah, which does have tasks, bugs
and patches. Could you guys point me to the right direction where I can
start? I also have some thoughts, but i think at first it's better to
get a deeper overview of the programm (-code) and then rethink about the
ideas. I was also thinking about some new, nice tool icons...

Roman Joost
email: address@hidden

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