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Re: New Skencil website

From: Joonas Paalasmaa
Subject: Re: New Skencil website
Date: Sun, 14 Mar 2004 13:28:39 +0200 (EET)
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Bernhard Herzog wrote:
> "Joonas Paalasmaa" <address@hidden> writes:
>> FAQ:
>>   I couldn't get in tools directory working. The following
>> error
>>   message was printed with Python2.2.
> Which version of the _xmlplus package?  I currently use 0.7.  It may be
> that faqdom uses an old interface that is not supported anymore in newer
> versions.

The error was raised because I didn't have PyXml installed.

>> I printed the type of domfaqlist just
>>   before the error and it was xml.dom.minidom.DocumentType. Perhaps we
>>   should migrate to something like that generates html files
>>   from XML faq sources,
> Do you mean ?
>>   because porting from SGML to XHTML may be quite difficult.
> It shouldn't be difficult to add XHTML output.  It already supports both
> plain text and SGML and XHTML output would work very similar to the SGML
> output.
> Not that I'm particularly attached to faqdom :).  One of the reasons I
> wrote it was to play around with XML and the python XML parsers.

Actually i just noticed that makefaq does _not_ support xml input.
Modifying to support XHTML is therefore the best solution. I'll
try to do it some day.

>> Release Notes:
>>   NEWS and DEVNEWS seem to be in a format that Docutils text processor
>>   package understands.
> That's a coincidence.  No doubt partly because rst is meant to be
> similar to common plain text formatting conventtions
>> There is script in Docutils distribution
>>   that can create html pages from NEWS and DEVNEWS.
> What do they look like?

Page was
generated using It could use some tailoring, but it already
looks quite nice.

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