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solution for typesetting

From: C. Ecker
Subject: solution for typesetting
Date: Tue, 6 Jan 2004 20:00:15 +0100 (MET)

Hey, I am writing a new plugin for skencil which will make the old one
completely obsolete. Unlike this, it allows editing directly in the
skencil window. In the final version it should be more or less a full
textprocessor having additionally elaborate features as hyphenation,
formula editing and a TeX-like linebreaking.

The current version can already do a couple of interesting things, but is
useless since saving is not possible. Have a look at a screenshot:
It can be downloaded from

Ok, this is a very preliminar release. I just wanted to inform you guys
that this project is on the way and try to get some help. Currently I have
much more ideas than time, so that help is very welcome. There are
especially three problems where I am stuck or need help:

1. I would like to have an editor window which looks like a textprocessor,
with a ruler and a menu. It should be possible to switch from text
to graphic editing allowing to directly edit figures which are
embedded in the text. The main problem is therefore to write a widget
similar to the sketch canvas. Should not be too difficult, but requires
some knowlede of the skencils interna. How can this be done ?

2. Saving. This requires to save skencil property objects. How can I lets
say save a list of proerties and reload them into the plugin ?

3. Fiddling with the formulae elements to make them look nicer. Also the
formulae are far from complete


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