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Docs dir in tarball

From: Andrew Grimberg
Subject: Docs dir in tarball
Date: 14 Jul 2003 17:27:06 -0700

Greets Bernhard,

Was spinning the RPM for 0.6.16pre1 and ran into a problem.  The Docs
directory no longer exists in the tarball.  It had the html userguide
and devguide in it.  Did you remove them from the project or did they
just not get wrapped into the tarball?

Other than that I can get a clean build on it currently.  I'm also
attaching a .desktop file that if installed on a RH9 machine should go
in %prefix%/share/applications (works on the relocatable RPMs that I
build).  This adds a launcher to the RH->Graphics menu for launching.

If you don't want it in there let me know ;)


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