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Repost: GTK+2, plugins and multi-page documents

From: David Boddie
Subject: Repost: GTK+2, plugins and multi-page documents
Date: Wed, 25 Jun 2003 19:26:44 +0100 (BST)

I've just completed some reworking of my Sketch import filters using the
version from CVS and, apart from some manual tweaking to get the libart
module to compile, it all builds and behaves properly with GTK+2. Thanks

Some issues which I've been looking at:

 One of my more experimental filters subclasses another filter. To achieve
 this, I've executed the source of the required filter within the scope of
 the dependent one. Other import hacks take place within the
 Plugins/Filters/Lib directory; for example, the
 Plugins/Filters/Lib/Impression/ module looks in the relative
 directory ../Common for another module. This isn't really an ideal
 solution but Python import system is quite brittle.

 The filter is for a proprietary multi-page document format so it needs
 some sort of intervention to produce Sketch files for all the pages.
 I've used a command line tool for this but I think that the plugin
 interface could be extended to allow the user to select a page from a
 document, for example.

 The libart canvas peculiarities still persist. I haven't looked at
 GTK+2's native canvas rendering yet.

The plugins are available via my plugins page:

Bernhard: Would you like patches for the plugins or is it just easier for
you to copy the new ones over the old ones and commit into CVS?


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