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GL canvas

From: Adrien Demarez
Subject: GL canvas
Date: Tue, 17 Jun 2003 11:05:35 +0200
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(sorry for my poor english, I'm French !)

As I recently bougth an OpenGL HW accelerated card and saw its advantages, I wondered why canvases projects generally didn't make use of these features. I know the enlightenment project (e17) has made a canvas called evas that can make use of OpenGL hardware acceleration so my question is : why not use this (or OpenGL directly) in Sketch as all the dirty work is already done ? (and this could bring easily alpha transparency features in Sketch. Note that evas can fall down to a software implementation faster than Mesa for 2D if no hardware acceleration is available).

Another point : I know you have started to work on a GTK version, but (as it seems to be less known) I also wanted to point there is another great toolkit called fox ( that is much more portable (and LGPL), and of course has Python bindings. Perhaps it is too late to consider it now but I still wanted to propose it...

Yours sincerely.


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