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GTK 2 port

From: Bernhard Herzog
Subject: GTK 2 port
Date: 14 Jan 2003 21:22:44 +0100
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Hi all,

I've been working a bit on a port to GTK 2 during the last two weeks.
PyGTK has changed a lot between 0.6 and 1.99 and therefore the changes
to Sketch are quite extensive. The cvs diff -u output has grown to 140K
now and the port isn't quite complete yet.
Still, in case anyone wants to try it out I've made a patch available at

You need:

   Sketch CVS HEAD
   GTK 2.2
   PyGTK 1.99.14 + the patch below.

And the prerequisites for GTK 2.2 and PyGTK 2, of course, i.e Python 2.2
among other things.

With this you should be able to compile and run it. Opening a file or
creating a new drawing should work. There are still dialogs that haven't
been converted yet, though.

Given the bug in PyGTK we should probably not switch to GTK2
immediately, unless we add a wrapper for the function in question
(gdk_bitmap_create_from_data) to _skgtk by hand (there are some of those

OTOH, before we put too much more work into the gtk 1.2 based GUI we
should make the switch to GTK 2.X ASAP, IMO.

What do you think?


Here's below :) 

The patch is due to the suggested fix from Eddie Kohler on the pygtk
list who noticed the same bug:

--- gtk/gdk.defs.~1~    Thu Dec  5 01:33:28 2002
+++ gtk/gdk.defs        Tue Jan 14 20:12:52 2003
@@ -1653,7 +1653,7 @@
   (return-type "GdkBitmap*")
     '("GdkWindow*" "window")
-    '("const-gchar*" "data")
+    '("const-guchar*" "data")
     '("gint" "width")
     '("gint" "height")

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