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Re: Problems with selection

From: Bernhard Herzog
Subject: Re: Problems with selection
Date: 01 Jan 2003 21:44:31 +0100
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Ralf Engels <address@hidden> writes:

> Hi,
> I noticed the following problems with selection
> 1. selinfo seems strange

The comments in Sketch/Graphics/ are a bit outdated in 0.7

> As far as I understand the selection is stored in a seperate data structure 
> from the actual objects.

In 0.7 the selection is just a list of objects. The selection info data
structure described in is currently used for two things:

 1. To normalize the list of selected objects. The main purpose of this
    is to avoid duplicates in the list and to make sure a group and one
    of its (indirect) children are selected at the same time.

 2. For removing objects.

2. Is mostly a holdover from 0.6.

In 0.6 the selinfo list was the format in which the selection was
maintained. Much code in the implementation of the document class and
the compound classes was devoted to maintain it, but in 0.7 it's
computed on demand when ever the selection object's GetInfo() method is

Most of that code is still present in 0.7, though, but should be
replaced with something simpler. However, the selinfo tree structures
were quite useful when manipulating the object tree so perhaps it will
be useful to keep using them. But even then the code could become much
simpler as there's no reason anymore to update the selinfo structure
while manipulating the object tree.

> 2. There seems to be no way to select the points in the curve object.
> curveobject.c defines two functions to select segments (select_segment and 
> select_rect). 
> It seems though that they don't work correct.
> Example:
> select a bezier -> path.selection_count() == 0
> select a single point with the point-selection-tool  -> 
> path.selection_count() 
> == 0
> try to call close_nodes on the bezier: not working because no point is 
> selected.

Can you post the code modifications you used here?

Happy New Year!


Intevation GmbH                       

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