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Re: Preliminary cut/copy/paste

From: Bernhard Herzog
Subject: Re: Preliminary cut/copy/paste
Date: 01 Jan 2003 21:43:47 +0100
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Ralf Engels <address@hidden> writes:

> Hi
> first the "select" problem:
> draw two rectangles
> select both and group them (now this new group is selected)
> press control and try to select one rectangle only. 
> The problem is that the selection is removed if you try to select one
> object a second time, even if you want to select a child of it.

Well, clicking on (an object of) a group selects the entire group, so
holding Ctrl and clicking on it should deselect the group. 

If you want to select an object in a group you should hold both Shift
and Ctrl while clicking. This is a bit of a kludge borrowed from Corel
Draw. In 0.7 it can be easier to select objects using the tree view.

> Am Samstag, 28. Dezember 2002 21:56 schrieb Bernhard Herzog:
> > Ralf Engels <address@hidden> writes:
> > > Hi,
> > > this is the first shot at cut/copy/paste for the developer  version.
> > > One Problem I noticed: You copy a list of objects but neighter the
> > > clipboard nor other functions are able to handle list of objects
> > > gracefully.
> >
> > The clipboard only supports one object. In Sketch 0.6 you can copy
> > multiple objects because they're put into a group first.
> Right, 
> I noticed that and it is anoying (from a user point of view).
> Maybe there is a better way (perhaps automatic ungroup again when pasting it)

Ungrouping it automatically would mean that copying and pasting a group
will effectively ungroup the group.

There are basically two solutions: 

 a) Introduce a special group-like object only used in the clipboard
    which is ungrouped when pasting it 

 b) allow a list of objects in the clipboard. Or better always use a
    list of objects in the clipboard.

I like b) better. Both shouldn't be difficult to implement.

> > > Anyway, here is the patch.
> >
> > Thanks. The changes are in the right place, but they don't work properly
> > yet. Objects placed into the clipboard have to be separated from the
> > document object properly. At the very least they should be copies of the
> > obejcts actually in the document. Otherwise modifying a copied object
> > modifies the object in the clipboard too.
> You are right. I haven't thought about that. 
> Should I make a patch to solve this?

Yes. You seem to want to work on this more than anyone else at the
moment :)


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