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[Simulavr-commit] simulavrxx AUTHORS COPYING ChangeLog INSTALL Ma...

From: Joerg Wunsch
Subject: [Simulavr-commit] simulavrxx AUTHORS COPYING ChangeLog INSTALL Ma...
Date: Wed, 31 Mar 2010 04:12:00 +0000

CVSROOT:        /sources/simulavr
Module name:    simulavrxx
Changes by:     Joerg Wunsch <joerg_wunsch>     10/03/31 04:12:00

Removed files:
        .              : AUTHORS COPYING ChangeLog INSTALL 
                         NEWS README README.gdb SUPPORT TODO bootstrap 
        doc            : .cvsignore mdate-sh 
                         simulavr.texinfo texinfo.tex version.texi 
        examples       : .cvsignore ChangeLog 
        examples/anacomp: .cvsignore README anacomp.tcl 
        examples/atmega128_timer: .cvsignore README 
                                  debugio.c debugio.h main.c 
        examples/atmega48: .cvsignore Makefile.notauto 
                           README anadata1 anadata2 anadata3 
                           atmega48.tcl main.cpp spidata 
        examples/atmel_key: .cvsignore Notes.txt README 
                            StdDefs.c StdDefs.h atmel_key.tcl kb.c kb.h 
                            main.c pindefs.h scancodes.h serial.c 
        examples/feedback: .cvsignore README adc.c debugio.c 
                           debugio.h defines.h feedback.tcl main.c 
                  uart.c uart.h 
        examples/simple_ex1: .cvsignore fred.c 
        examples/spi   : .cvsignore Makefile.notauto README 
                         anadata main.cpp spi.tcl spidata 
        examples/stdiodemo: .cvsignore README checkdebug.gdb 
                   defines.h hd44780.c 
                            hd44780.h lcd.c lcd.h stdiodemo-setup.jpg 
                            stdiodemo.c stdiodemo.dox stdiodemo.tcl 
                            uart.c uart.h 
        m4             : AX_AVR_ENVIRON.m4 README ac_pkg_swig.m4 
                         ac_python_devel.m4 avr_local.m4 avr_python.m4 
                         avr_swig.m4 avr_tcl.m4 enable-tcl.m4 
                         swig_enable_cxx.m4 swig_multi_module_support.m4 
        regress        : .cvsignore README 
        regress/avrtest: .cvsignore avrtest_help.c 
                         avrtest_help.h test_abort.c test_exit.c 
        regress/modules: .cvsignore 
        regress/test_opcodes: .cvsignore TODO 
        src            : .cvsignore adcpin.cpp adcpin.h 
                         application.cpp application.h at4433.cpp 
                         at4433.h at8515.cpp at8515.h atmega128.cpp 
                         atmega128.h atmega168.h atmega48.cpp atmega48.h 
                         atmega668base.cpp atmega668base.h atmega88.h 
                         avrdevice.cpp avrdevice.h avrdevice_impl.h 
                         avrerror.cpp avrerror.h avrfactory.cpp 
                         avrfactory.h avrmalloc.cpp avrmalloc.h 
                         breakpoint.h config_deprecated.h 
                         decoder.cpp decoder.h decoder_trace.cpp 
                         externaltype.h flash.cpp flash.h funktor.h 
                         gdb.h gdbserver.cpp global.h hardware.cpp 
                         hardware.h helper.cpp helper.h hwacomp.cpp 
                         hwacomp.h hwad.cpp hwad.h hweeprom.cpp 
                         hweeprom.h hwextirq.cpp hwextirq.h 
                         hwmega48extirq.cpp hwmega48extirq.h 
                         hwmegaextirq.cpp hwmegaextirq.h hwmegatimer.cpp 
                         hwmegatimer.h hwmegatimer0123irq.cpp 
                         hwmegatimer0123irq.h hwmegax8timer.cpp 
                         hwmegax8timer.h hwmegax8timerirq.cpp 
                         hwmegax8timerirq.h hwpinchange.cpp 
                         hwpinchange.h hwport.cpp hwport.h hwspi.cpp 
                         hwspi.h hwsreg.cpp hwsreg.h hwstack.cpp 
                         hwstack.h hwtimer.cpp hwtimer.h 
                         hwtimer01irq.cpp hwtimer01irq.h hwuart.cpp 
                         hwuart.h hwwado.cpp hwwado.h ioregs.cpp 
                         ioregs.h irqsystem.cpp irqsystem.h 
                         kbdgentables.cpp keyboard.cpp keyboard.h 
                         keynumber_to_scancode.dat keytrans.h lcd.cpp 
                         lcd.h main.cpp memory.cpp memory.h mysocket.cpp 
                         mysocket.h net.cpp net.h pin.cpp pin.h 
                         pinatport.cpp pinatport.h pinmon.cpp pinmon.h 
                         pinnotify.h printable.cpp printable.h 
                         pysimulavr.i rwmem.cpp rwmem.h scope.cpp 
                         scope.h serialrx.cpp serialrx.h serialtx.cpp 
                         serialtx.h simulationmember.h simulavr.i 
                         spisink.cpp spisink.h spisrc.cpp spisrc.h 
                         string2.cpp string2.h string2_template.h 
                         systemclock.cpp systemclock.h 
                         systemclocktypes.h trace.cpp trace.h types.h 
                         ui.cpp ui.h vpi.cpp xcode_to_keynumber.dat 
        src/python     : 

Log message:
        Remove simulavrxx from CVS, it has moved to Git.


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