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Re: [shell-script] Fwd: [yad] YAD 0.28.0 is out

From: Antonio Marcos dos Santos Rosario Junior
Subject: Re: [shell-script] Fwd: [yad] YAD 0.28.0 is out
Date: Fri, 6 Mar 2015 14:29:26 -0300

Go go go, download this package :)

2015-03-06 13:40 GMT-03:00 'Julio C. Neves' address@hidden [shell-script] <address@hidden>:

Aê Pessoal, nova release do yad. É só baixar e atualizar.

hi, list

i'm happy to announce the next YAD release

New nad changes in this release:
    - add HTML dialog
    - add different output formats for color dialog
    - add mnemonic feature for field labels in form and entry dialogs
    - add completion entry as field type in form dialog
    - add output by rows in form dialog when layout with several columns is used
    - fix labels in multiprogress dialog
    - fix print to file in print dialog
    - fix setup arguments for double-click action in list dialog
    - update man page

Sources can be downloaded from here -

NB: sorry, i cannot check this release against gtk-3.0, so only gtk-2.0
builds are tested

NB2: for HTML dialog webkitgtk is required. HTML dialog enabled by
default if webkit-1.0 is found. You can manually disable it by
adding --disable-html option to ./configure

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Dou treinamento de Shell em qualquer cidade.
Para mais detalhes, me mande um e-mail.

Victor Ananjevsky <address@hidden>

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