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Re: [shell-script] su

From: Julio Neves
Subject: Re: [shell-script] su
Date: Wed, 5 Sep 2001 09:54:59 -0300

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Assunto:        [shell-script] su

i am writing a little script for a user to run to
perform a shutdown.
How in this script i do "su" and include the password
for the "root"
so that the user should not deal with it?.
This is not the most secure way. Everybody can read the root's password at 
this script. Why don't you try this:

1 - Write a script named ShutItDown with a single line with the shutdonw 
2 - Create a user named ShutDownAgent
3 - edit the /etc/passwd and:
3.1 - Change the user id to 0 (zero). Every user with UID=0 is a root
3.2 - Change the last field of this record (the name of its default shell) 
to /<path>/ShutItDown.

Every time ShutDownAgent logs in, the computer will be shuted down and you 
don't need to explicit the root's password.

[ ]s,

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