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From: supermanlinux
Date: Sun, 04 Feb 2001 19:31:19 -0000
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Hello ,
My name is Joshua Abbott and I wanted to email you (sorry I don't 
know your name) about an open source project that we need help with. 
Here are the details:

The open source project is Code-named "SuperMan Linux" and will be 
create for all of those linux geeks that want more from their regular 
linux distribution. SuperMan Linux will also be a robust linux server 
and since it is open source it will be free!

Please note that details are at the end of this email to join the 
open source project.

O/S TYPE: Unix Derivitive
O/S NAME: Superman Linux
PLATFORM TARGET: x86 computers and all others
DESCRIPTION: This o/s will be centered around making linux better and 
this o/s will be a robust server for anyone's needs.

NOTES: o/s needs to have the following:
1. update in all existing linux software that is standard for a linux 
2. update in the kernel
3. an easy installation program
4. New features


Other notes of interest:
Do you have anyone who would be interested in joining this team or do 
you want to join? If so please email me with a short little note 
telling me you want to join. Send the email to 
address@hidden and then CC it to address@hidden .

Joshua Abbott

P.S. Thank you ahead of time for joining!

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