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[Sh-X] Fw: Shaman-X progress report on 12 March 2004

From: Dominique Chabord
Subject: [Sh-X] Fw: Shaman-X progress report on 12 March 2004
Date: Fri, 12 Mar 2004 19:39:28 +0100

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From: "Dominique Chabord" Sent: Friday, March 12, 2004 12:28 PM
Subject: Shaman-X progress report on 12 March 2004

> Hello everybody,
> Bonjour à tous,
> Dear friends and contributors,
> Here is some news about the project.
> 1) Technical : HDX preliminary version is available.
> Reminder :  HDX stands for HealingDoctor-DDX. It is a web based
> graphic interface to wdx.
> From HDX, you can get a global view of all missions, resources,
> master roles etc... You can also get access to documentation
> available on components and pass commands to wdx.
> Because it is web based, you can get from any PC
> connected the different views of the situation, from any of
> the servers.
> HDX is programmed in PHP and based on Apache. We think that
> the current architecture of HDX is fair enough to evolve over
> time toward the crisis management workstation and therefore
> interface MDX and get report capabilities.
> Jean  Christophe is the guy who did it.
> To get it, see recovery kits below.
> 2) Technical : Shaman-X disaster recovery kit is now ready to go
> (almost;-)
> Shaman-X disaster recovery kit is a set of scripts and minimal
> documentation. It automatically implements failover between
> servers which replicate data across the network using DRBD
> replicator.
> Once you've got Apache and DRBD installed and correctly
> configured of your different servers, Shaman-X disaster
> recovery kit will auto install WDX and HDX to automate failovers
> according to data availablity.
> Shaman-X disaster recovery kit is made of a set of scripts for
> WDX missions and a configuration script to generate the whole,
> called CDX (Configuration Doctor). If you just want a demo,
> Shaman-X disaster recovery kit can simulate DRBD activity
> (no need for installing it)
> Get it from
> Check you get the last version, because it is still a little
> bit buggy and we still often update it
> 3) Development : Looking for wizard functionality
> Shaman-X disaster recovery kit is fully configured from a
> configuration file. To ease modifications to this configuration
> file, a menu driven wizard functionality would be appreciated.
> Using "dialog" in shell script is combersome. Any idea ?
> please tell us.
> 4) Technical : DDX preliminary architecture limitations.
> Reminder :  DDX stands for DummyDoctor-DDX. It is a test bed,
> training workshop, mission configuration validation tool etc..
> A virtual machine is a programme which simulates a CPU and
> its standard resources.
> We had performance penalties using Bochs when creating
> several virtual machines. Consequently we did not reach
> satisfactory reliability to run our data center model.
> As an example, it does not survive to DRBD data
> replication across the simulated network and cpus collapse
> when running heavy scripts. We are confident that BOCHS or
> alternative projects will bring higher performance in the
> very near future. DDX has been studied by Laurent.
> 5) New project : MySQL new project set up.
> The objective of this project is to create a new recovery
> kit dedicated to mySQL replication. If you are willing to
> stay tuned and join the mailing list, let me know.
> Next steps in this project: identify the right topology and
> described failover and management operations.
> Then write WDX scripts and adapt CDX kit generation/wizard.
> And some documentation.
> 6) Event : Conference at Eurosec 2004, 22-24 March
> Shaman-X project will be presented at Eurosec 2004,
> Slides of this presentation are in French. Therefore slides
> from the conference given at SolutionsLinux 2004 in February
> are still the last English version.
> You can get them from
> 7) Web Site: Working on an update
> I'm currently editing key pages to make messages clearer
> to new visitors.
> I'll publish an update when ready, I hope next week.
> This is all for today,
> Thank you for everybody's contribution,
> ciao,
> Dominique


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