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[Sh-X] [Announce] WDX now available for MacOS-X

From: Dominique Chabord
Subject: [Sh-X] [Announce] WDX now available for MacOS-X
Date: Mon, 10 Nov 2003 17:36:58 +0100

Hello everybody,

WDX now supports MacOS-X High Availability clusters.

The solution was missing to failover applications and data between redundant
Xserves (Apple's 1U rackmountable servers) and restore access to shared
Xserve-Raids (fibre channel top end technology in loop and fabric topology).

High availability clustering is available on Apple's MacOS-X today !

WDX-0.4.2 has been validated for MacOS-X/PPC computers. It interoperates
with Linux ix86 computers (RedHat, Mandrake and Debian have beeen tested)
and OpenBSD computers.

WDX now provides high availability for MacOS-X. It is intended to be used,
in particular, in the following situations:
- Automated failover between up to 16 Apple servers (Xserves), sharing data
in Fibre Channel loop or fabric topology (Xserve-RAIDs) and IP-floatting.
- Network end-to-end redundancy and subnet-failover for
Network-Attached-Storage (NAS)
- Any kind of "Do-it-yourself" high-availability cluster for usual purposes.

Interoperability of high-availability software over heterogeneous systems
participates to Shaman-X project objectives, to:
- implement high availability for distributed and multi-tiered applications,
- data-center failover for disaster tolerance, and
- crisis management.

To learn more:
To download documentation and code: and

Dominique Chabord

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