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[Sh-X] [Announce] A 1O node HA cluster demoed at Free Software Days of L

From: Dominique Chabord
Subject: [Sh-X] [Announce] A 1O node HA cluster demoed at Free Software Days of Lyon
Date: Tue, 21 Oct 2003 10:53:06 +0200

Hello everybody,

A ten node high availability cluster will be demoed on 31st October and 1st
November, at Free Software Days of  Lyon (France) organized by ALDIL
association ( , Les journées du
Libre, in French, sorry).

The cluster will be made of three (or more if we get some others) physical
computers over redundant networks and seven virtual computers. For two days,
attendees will setup their own failover policies over Shared disks, Ip
floatting, Network failover, Client reconfiguration, Quorums issues and
Services restart. Particular attention will focus on administration issues
of multi-tiered and heterogeneous high-availability architectures.

The demoed combination includes Mandrake, Debian and OpenBSD nodes.
Virtual machines are created using BOCHS software
High availability layer is implemented by WDX V0.4.2
We thank Salug (Savoie-Aravis Linux User Group) for hosting the demo on
their booth.

If you have questions regarding WDX design or functionality, feel free
to post in this thread. From a previous short discussion with Lars
Marowsky-Brée and Lars Ellenberg on DRBD notefile in September, it appeared
that multi-nodes management, absence of centralized cluster manager for WDX,
WDX multi-instanciation too... might be worth a discussion. Also,
positionning with Heartbeat and OpenSSI (or other clusters) might be of
interest for some of you.

Best regards

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