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[Shake-announcement] Shake v0.30

From: Brice Arnould
Subject: [Shake-announcement] Shake v0.30
Date: Sun, 3 Feb 2008 12:10:22 +0100
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Hi !
I'm the author of the program Shake, for which you wrote a package.
I'm about to start again the development (after a looooooooong time without 
touching it), and wanted to tell you about what changed in this version from 
a packager point of view (so you won't lose time figuring it by yourself).

The new version uses the cmake build system (an alternative to autotools
also used by KDE ), and require it to be at least version 2.4.
In short, the new way of compiling it is :
| cd ${TEMP_BUILD_DIR} # for distros that build outside of the source tree
| # if your distro don't, I suggest that ${TEMP_BUILD_DIR}=${SOURCE_DIR)/build
| cmake ${SOURCE_DIR) # generate a makefile in ${TEMP_BUILD_DIR}
| make # build binaries and manpages ${TEMP_BUILD_DIR}
| make install # install everything in CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX
I hope it won't disturb you.
The "make static" target is no longer present in this version, but might be
present in the next, depending on what the GNU guys will answer me about a
problem I have with .
The "make doc" is still present, but is now member of the default target.
A public mailing list have been created to announce future releases. You
can subscribe at

This new release (apart from having a new build system ;-) ) fix a crash that 
occurred on files ending with a hole, handle signals like it should, and may 
be faster. It sill comes with an (untested) ebuild and adds a debian package 
based on cdbs.
It is now distributed under GPLv3.
The next versions will handle shaking libraries like they should, they will 
also take advantage of new features that appeared in recent kernels 
(fallocate, FIEMAP ...).

Thanks for your help, you're welcome if you have questions.

PS: The usual warning when I write in English : it's not my native
language, please forbid me if I inadvertently said something pedantic or 

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