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[Serbiangnome-lista] [Fwd: Re: [l10n-dev] Serbian Language Codes] Ovo mi

From: Tanović Branko
Subject: [Serbiangnome-lista] [Fwd: Re: [l10n-dev] Serbian Language Codes] Ovo mije Eike vratio sa liste ideje
Date: Mon, 06 Oct 2003 23:25:44 +0200
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--- Begin Message --- Subject: Re: [l10n-dev] Serbian Language Codes Date: Mon, 6 Oct 2003 19:00:20 +0200 User-agent: Mutt/1.4.1i
Hi Tanovic',

On Sun, Oct 05, 2003 at 13:10:21 +0200, Tanovic' Branko wrote:

> sorry i did not reply sooner

Don't mind, I took a long weekend anyways :)

> I was Ill.I got cold now is litle better.

Europe (anything but south) is definitely a dangerous place to live at..

> Yes I know it changed for 24.july this year.
> So I was thinking to use YU for now and in 2.0 to change to CS.
> This would not be much of confusion becose there is now other county for YU.
> And my in my passport still says Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and its 
> valid.

Besides YU being valid or not, there is the problem that ISO codes are
used in the XML file format to represent locale dependent settings. We
shouldn't use some deprecated ISO code and then later change it to
something else, doing so would only cause problems.

> >So a proper "Serbian (Cyrillic) for Serbia and Montenegro" entry would
> >be sr_CS nowadays, but sh_YU and sr_YU should be recognized as well, and
> >maybe an inofficial sp_YU too.
> >
> >See the mess us software developers have to fight against?
> >
> >We do have another little problem now, as such constructs as address@hidden
> >aren't supported by OOo.
> > 
> >
> Yes we are all one big comunity in we try to make are Localization 
> standards almost the same if
> its is posible.
> So I posted to serbiangnome list about translation. I and they asked 
> what do. We came to conlusion.
> Like this.
> 1.1.0 and previuos versions of OOo
> sr_YU - Serbian and Montenegro Cyrillic
> sh_YU - Serbian and Montenegro Latin
> - Native Language

See above, I object to keep on using sr_YU, not even temporarily. True,
right now we have an internal assignment of Serbian Latin to sh_YU and
Serbian Cyrillic to sr_YU, but that, up to now, is not offered as a
default document language and not as a number format's locale, only as a
character attribute. I'd change the ISO code assignment for OOo1.1.1 to
have proper values as soon as possible, at least sr_CS should be used,
and have a fallback for old YU values.

I simply don't know yet what to do with the address@hidden stuff, not for
1.1.1 and not for 2.0, maybe sticking with sh_YU for the first time is
appropriate, as the Latin script seems to be only a substitue if
Cyrillic isn't available.

> in the future we hope to make in 2.0.0
> sr_CS - Serbian and Montenegro Cyrillic
> address@hidden Serbian and Montenegro Latin
> - Native Language

Why? 'cs' is not an ISO code for Serbian language, it stands for Czech
and should remain so. Native language pages should be named after the
language code, but never the country code.

> I hope you like my suggestions and I was able to cleared some things 
> liltle bit.

A little bit ;-)  This keeps on being a mess somehow..


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