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[Self-platform-dev] performance

From: Wouter Tebbens
Subject: [Self-platform-dev] performance
Date: Wed, 18 Jun 2008 16:54:40 +0200
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Dear development team and TEG,

although the platform has been improved functionally a lot lately, we still observe a really slow response time. And that is not only for importing or exporting SCORM files. Simply opening a page for collections or a course can take serious time. And more so, when editing and saving a lesson or other LO. Many people have observed this, and I think it is important to address if we want to make SELF succesful. Internet users want instant gratification, as Niyam Bhushan once told us during the SELF Board meeting in Mumbai.

What are the ways we can approach this best?

I understand that work has been done on a caching module. Could someone explain what the experience and status of that is?

Do we have information on memory usage, processor usage? I am supposing we are far from using their capacity to the full 100%, with still few concurrent users.

With respect to concurrent users, how are the experiences so far?

I look forward for your comments on this important aspect.

Tomorrow some of us will be meeting online at address@hidden between 12 and 14:00 CET so we can do some more test drives and discussion.



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