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[Fwd: Re: [Self-platform-dev] Import errors]

From: matiasb
Subject: [Fwd: Re: [Self-platform-dev] Import errors]
Date: Fri, 28 Mar 2008 13:32:23 -0300 (ART)
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Sorry, this time to the dev list.

---------------------------- Original Message ----------------------------
Subject: Re: [Self-platform-dev] Import errors
From:    address@hidden
Date:    Fri, March 28, 2008 1:16 pm
To:      "Wouter Tebbens" <address@hidden>

I got an "Error encountered" message when importing the SCORM. After some
checks I got that the problem was the index (btree) for value of page
content in database, that is limited to row size 2728; if longer, the
insert method of genericTable fails (table: datatypes_varchar, Index:
datatypes_varchar_value_key UNIQUE, btree (value))

Then it was not a problem with the import, but with the insert. So I tried
to create a lesson content a bit long and then I got:

Error Type
Error Value
    index row requires 17576 bytes, maximum size is 8191

How would these situations be managed?

> Hi Nagarjun,
> the SCORM file I added is in the FileManager,
> Strange enough I can only see it when I'm logged in under my username
> (wtebbens)., although there are other files in the FM when I'm not
> logged in. How do I make sure my files are visible to all?
> The SCORM object should be ok, this is coming from Atutor as has been
> worked on by the UOC.
> Let me know what went wrong.
> best,
> Wouter
> Nagarjuna wrote:
>> On Thu, Mar 20, 2008 at 11:17:23AM +0100, Wouter Tebbens wrote:
>>> Thanks Nagarjuna for pointing me in the right direction!
>>> I logged in (Testing), went to Filemanager and added a SCORM resource.
>>> That
>>> went without problems, so congrats for that.
>>> When selecting the SCORM resource to be imported, it started showing
>>> the
>>> "busy" animation and after a while it said "Error Encountered".
>>> Checking in
>>> the Imported Materials collection it was indeed not there.
>> can you send the SCORM file off the list so that we can debug this.
>> meanwhile, the boys are getting the migration work, and they will send
>> an update soon.
>> Nagarjuna
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