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[Self-platform-dev] Re: [bug #22391] Anonymous users can't edit LOs

From: Federico Heinz
Subject: [Self-platform-dev] Re: [bug #22391] Anonymous users can't edit LOs
Date: Mon, 24 Mar 2008 17:15:56 -0300

On 24/03/2008, Nagarjuna wrote:
> The filemanager specs send by wouter some time in Nov specifies that
> import happens from the filemanager.  
> 1. when we uplaod a file, the file gets an id, based on its md5sum.  this
> is to prevent another person uploading the same file.  
> 2. when a person tries to import an already imported file, the system
> raises an error saying it is already imported.  
> These checks are possible because we have one single gateway of how
> resources getinto the system. 

The method I suggested is algo a simple gateway (even simpler, even, because
only SCORM files would pas through it), and you could do the same MD5 trick
(BTW: MD5???? I know we don't have high security requirements for this feature,
but still, it is stale!).

> i suggest let us keep it this way, and not change it.  
> [...]
> Meanwhile, what we can do possibly is to prevent filemanager for users
> who are not authenticated.  so that they also will not be able to
> import.  may be this is an incentive, motivating people to join the
> platform sooner than later. 

I can live with it working the way it does for the time being. I'm pretty sure
sooner or later users will ask that we change the mechanism, then we can
implement it.


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