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[Self-platform-dev] cvs issues now resolved

From: Nagarjuna
Subject: [Self-platform-dev] cvs issues now resolved
Date: Fri, 21 Mar 2008 00:01:33 +0530
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Most of the issues with the cvs mismatches with the sites are now
resolved.  A few issues that still needs to be taken care are:

1. is deleted, but only after adding it again we
managed to get the main page header look as it should. 

2. a change is made in the where is changed to 

3. the DBconnectionstring.txt file's permissions for others and group
should be removed, since this file will have the password.  

After making these changes, please update the cvs.  

>From now on all new changes must happen from the cvs checkout only, so
that we will not face this kind of issue again in future.  


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