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[Self-platform-dev] migration status

From: Nagarjuna
Subject: [Self-platform-dev] migration status
Date: Wed, 19 Mar 2008 22:47:47 +0530
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Today Bipin integrated the import script with the platform, and Rajiv
did the collection manager editor.  The latter part of the development
still needs some more work.  We discovered that for collections, the
neighborhood nodes are not getting updated due to a bug with
gbobjecttype update function.  This bug may corrupt the knowledge
base.  so we will halt the feature of editing the collections for some
more time, till this bug in the backend is fixed.  

Meanwhile, I have cleaned up the cvs and tried my best in making the
cselfish and the cvs sync.  I discovered too many problems, and
several files not updated in the cvs.  

As discussed in the previous threads, what we will do is to bring up
the new beta version of the platform instance work from the cvs
checkout that is currently checked in, and all changes and bugfixes
will be updated.  

I request all the developers to make sure that all your work should
begin with what we have in the cvs from 20th March, and if you detect
any problem, please add and update them directly into the cvs from
your development machines.  The servers will run only from cvs
checkouts, and please do not copy files from one machine to the
other.  this will become eventually very tedious and we will not be
able to keep a track of everyone's work.  

Meanwhile, cselfish site is updated with the new filemanager that
uploads SCORM files and also does the import.  

tomorrow after the new instance is ready, will send another update. 


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