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[Self-platform-dev] self-updates

From: nair rajiv
Subject: [Self-platform-dev] self-updates
Date: Thu, 13 Mar 2008 20:46:24 +0530

Hi all,

1)  Though Import is not completely done , the speed of the import compared to the
     earlier import is tremendous .We haven't done the testing with courses in languages other
     than english.

2)  We'll be keeping the import in the file manager itself wherein the user can select the scorm file and click
     on the import tab. Also  the user  can choose where  the  imported  course  should go  ,i.e  under  which collection.
     This was not the case earlier the Imported course by default used to get included in the 'Imported Courses' collection.
     For time being just to indicate that we are reaching somewhere we have just imported the courses under the
     'Imported Courses' Collection.No file would be Imported twice which is happening now.The checks have already been
     written just that we have to encorporate them in the interface.

3) We are reworking on some of the api's that where written earlier with the help of Dinesh so that the platform
    works faster ,a proof of this is the 'import' hence the work on course components (glossary,faq,links),shelf is getting
    a bit delayed .But there would be some development in these areas in the coming three to four days

4) The cvs is not up-to-date with the import code and the filemanager code. We'll update it after completion  and  testing.
     We  are happy that Matias did a checkout from the cvs and was successful in installing self -platform on his machine.

Thank you,

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