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version 4.9 and cygwin error

From: Me Windows
Subject: version 4.9 and cygwin error
Date: Sat, 19 Nov 2022 23:29:04 +0000


tried to compile using instructions

got error

lib/libsed.a(libsed_a-getrandom.o): in function `getrandom':
/home/me/sed-4.9/lib/getrandom.c:128: undefined reference to `BCryptGenRandom'

how to fix this please
Re: Compiling sed 4.7 under Windows 10 64 bit - 
Hello, On 2018-12-29 5:08 p.m., John Smith wrote: Does anyone know how to do 
this and what tools are required? It would be great to have a clear set of 
instructions for reference somewhere.

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