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Re: [sdx-developers] Herein Thesaurus

From: Martin Sevigny
Subject: Re: [sdx-developers] Herein Thesaurus
Date: Fri, 17 Dec 2004 07:04:01 +0100
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First : great news and thanks for your proposal!

Here are a few comments...

So, "otherThesaurus" [name to be chosen] would have to fully implement the interface SDXThesaurus:

This is the right approach, IMHO.

Of course, this is just wild thinking, therefore I first check with you, but our proposal would be: (hereafter 'we' = Herein Thesaurus Group)

- we write a SDX-compliant module, a java class that implements SDXThesaurus and accesses a database with our structure


- we integrate this thesaurus class in an experimental SDX distribution and communicate the impact analysis to you


- based upon this, AJSLM ensures the convergence of this module with the version evolution of SDX

I am not sure what you mean here, but two things are important:

- the evolution of SDX is under the responsibility of a non-profit
association, ADNX, ant not under the responsibility of AJLSM

- I am pretty sure that ADNX would be pleased to work in this direction
(and at least AJLSM would consider this as a very valuable addition)

- the module is made available to all SDX-users who wish to use it


- the module can be fully integrated in a future version of SDX

Great! By the way, and for others, you can make available some code that
works with SDX without "donating" and "integrating" this code within SDX.

If you need help or clarification on the thesaurus
functionalities/interfaces/classes in SDX, don't hesitate to ask here!

Martin Sévigny

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