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RE : [sdx-developers] SqlDirectory de Lucene

From: Rasik Pandey
Subject: RE : [sdx-developers] SqlDirectory de Lucene
Date: Fri, 11 Jun 2004 11:41:02 +0200


> Pour faire cela il faudrait écrire et contribuer du code pour
> rendre le SqlDirectory de Lucene plus générique.
> Je explorerais les projets Hibernate et OJB dans le but
> d'améliorer (même récrire) le SqlDirectory de Lucene et pour
> remplacer l'architecture RDBMS de SDX
> Hibernate -
> OJB -

Encore une ressource:


An implementation of the Directory interface found in the Lucene® API that uses 
JDBC as it's backstore. The source code is available in tar.gz format and zip 
format. The API is accessible from the project reports section found to the 
left. The source is also accessible from the project reports section in a 
nicely formatted display. The class only jar file might be good enough to just 
drop into your latest Lucene project.


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