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RE : [sdx-developers] Conformité OAI-PMH

From: Rasik Pandey
Subject: RE : [sdx-developers] Conformité OAI-PMH
Date: Wed, 12 Nov 2003 12:56:07 +0100


 >Pas OK : baseURL : the base URL of the repository;

Corrigé. Il faut ajouter l'attribut baseURL dans application.xconf.

 >Pas OK : earliestDatestamp : a UTCdatetime that is the 
 >guaranteed lower 
 >limit of all datestamps recording changes, modifications, or 
 >in the repository. A repository must not use datestamps lower 
 >than the 
 >one specified by the content of the earliestDatestamp element. 
 >earliestDatestamp must be expressed at the finest granularity 
 >by the repository.


 >Pas OK (sur le "or more") : adminEmail : the e-mail address of an 
 >administrator of the repository.

Tu veux le faire?


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