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Re: How to unhide 'status-bar'?

From: joshebosh
Subject: Re: How to unhide 'status-bar'?
Date: Sun, 5 Mar 2023 21:26:15 -0600

try something like this for assigning "Alt+Shift+C" and "Alt+Shift+H" in your config

bindkey ^[C caption always "%{= kW}%=%{= kW}%-w%{+b Yk} %n %t %{-}%+w %="
bindkey ^[H eval 'hardstatus alwayslastline' 'hardstatus string "%= nothing here yet %="

you'll have to learns how to use the "backtick" commands and scripts to build toggles for enable/disable of things...
I'd imagine you got a ways to go before you get there...
 took me years to learn this screen stuff, and it wasnt easy... but stick with it, it'll be rewarding...
an example from my config
basically the gist for building a toggle to like [ Ctrl + Alt +B ] or "^[^B" is this, have a backtick at end of config file to kick off a script
you need to have a %3` in the hardstatus to see the output of backtick

caption always "%{= kW}%=%{= kW}%-w%{+b Yk} %n %t %{-}%+w %="
eval 'hardstatus alwayslastline' 'hardstatus string "%= (B)link toggle: %3` %="

#                                                             |---default on startup
#                                                             |                        
#                                                             |   |---default when no check file found
#                                                             |   |                                     
#                                                             V   V                                     
backtick 3 0 0 bash /root/.screenrc.d/ bt3 $STY auto off      # region focus blink toggle: on, off, auto 

and then a "" to handle things

if [ ${1} ]; then bt_func=${1}; shift; fi
if [ ${1} ]; then session=${1}; shift; fi
if [ ${1} ]; then arg1=${1}; shift; fi
if [ ${1} ]; then arg2=${1}; shift; fi

if [[ ${session} == NULL || ! ${session} ]]; then printf "NULL\n"; exit; fi

bt3 () {
    case ${arg1} in
        (auto) check_blink_toggle; if [[ ! "${arg1}" == auto ]]; then ${0} bt3 ${session} ${arg1}; fi ;;
        (on) screen -S ${session} -X bindkey "^[^B" eval "backtick 3 0 0 bash /root/.screenrc.d/ bt3 ${session} off"; printf "%s" ${arg1} > /tmp/blink_toggle; printf "on\\n"; ;;
        (off) screen -S ${session} -X bindkey "^[^B" eval "backtick 3 0 0 bash /root/.screenrc.d/ bt3 ${session} on"; printf "%s" ${arg1} > /tmp/blink_toggle; printf "off\\n"; ;;
        (*) printf "error\\n" ;;

check_blink_toggle () {
    if [[ -f /tmp/blink_toggle ]]; then
        arg1=$(cat /tmp/blink_toggle)

# Function Execution Statement
${bt_func} ${session} ${arg1} ${arg2}


hope that helps...  took years for me to learn this 

On Sun, Mar 5, 2023 at 12:11 PM Erik Falor <> wrote:
On Sun, Mar 05, 2023 at 04:48:41AM +0000, wrote:
> Hi.
> I was trying to figure out a way to hide/unhide the 'status bar' (not sure if
> that's the term) showing the names of the windows. The one that shows up at the
> bottom of the screen session by default.
> So I did `prefix : hardstatus ignore` and the status bar went away.
> But how can I get it back?
> Any idea?

I believe the "status-bar" you are referring to is controlled by the
'caption' command.

`prefix :caption splitonly` will hide it unless the screen has been

`prefix :caption always` brings it back.

As an aside, the manual suggests that the caption can be placed at the
top or bottom of the screen by giving `:caption` an extra argument.

When I run `prefix :caption top always`, I am greeted with this error

    usage: caption always|splitonly|string <string>

This is in Screen version 4.09.00 (GNU) 30-Jan-22.

Erik Falor
Registered Linux User #445632          

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