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PATCH: OSC foreground and cursor color

From: Neal Fultz
Subject: PATCH: OSC foreground and cursor color
Date: Wed, 7 Sep 2022 18:12:21 -0700

I am trying to retrieve the background, foreground / cursor color through the appropriate xterm escape OSC 10/11/12. 

This will allow me to create terminal mode graphics in R with the current terminal theme. (Black is the default plotting color and you can't see it on a dark terminal, and it's better to just read out the foreground than to guess based on the background.)

This works in a normal bash terminal with black bg, white fg, and green cursor :

~$read -rs -d \\ -p $'\e]10;?\e\\'  b ; echo "$b" | xxd
00000000: 1b5d 3130 3b72 6762 3a62 3262 322f 6232  .]10;rgb:b2b2/b2
00000010: 6232 2f62 3262 321b 0a                   b2/b2b2..
~$read -rs -d \\ -p $'\e]11;?\e\\'  b ; echo "$b" | xxd
00000000: 1b5d 3131 3b72 6762 3a30 3030 302f 3030  .]11;rgb:0000/00
00000010: 3030 2f30 3030 301b 0a                   00/0000..
~$read -rs -d \\ -p $'\e]12;?\e\\'  b ; echo "$b" | xxd
00000000: 1b5d 3132 3b72 6762 3a35 3235 322f 6164  .]12;rgb:5252/ad
00000010: 6164 2f37 3037 301b 0a                   ad/7070..

However, within screen, 11 (background) works but 10/12 do not.

I've attached a patch that adds them to ansi.c. Both getting and setting appear to work.



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