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Re: Sending Command Pipeline to a detached Screen

From: aws backup
Subject: Re: Sending Command Pipeline to a detached Screen
Date: Sat, 19 Nov 2016 13:54:45 +0200

Hi Colin,

thank you. I tried but nothing arrived in the screen or it did arrive but didn't start.
What is the exact syntax? Can I start the screen and send the commands in one command or do I have to start the screen in one command and in the next command I send the pipeline? I tried it like this:

screen -d -m -S Screen-Name; screen -S Screen-Name -p 0 -X stuff "Command1; Command2  | Command3 && Command4"

How is it with quotations in the command pipe? Can they interfere? For example:  -X stuff "command "$f" | command2 "text""

Thank you.

On 19 Nov 2016, at 12:07, Colin Richardson <address@hidden> wrote:

Have u tried -X stuff "command | command2" with the quotes?

On 19 Nov 2016 7:36 am, "aws backup" <address@hidden> wrote:

I would like to start a screen session in detached mode and send a command pipeline to it. How can I do this?
With my approach

screen -d -m -S Name Command1; Command2  | Command3 && Command4

only Command1 is send to the screen.

Thank you.

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