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Starting screen from logon script

From: Another Sillyname
Subject: Starting screen from logon script
Date: Tue, 25 Sep 2012 12:30:55 +0100


I have an embedded device that I want to start screen during an ssh logon.

I have the following script.



if [ -z "$SCREENRUNNING" ]; then

    echo "Screen not running so let's start the Master session
    sleep 2
    screen -dmS Master
    sleep 2
    screen -x root/Master


    echo "Screen is already running let's connect to existing session"

    sleep 2
    screen -x root/Master


This starts screen correctly without problems and gets called from
/etc/config/profile when you do a ssh logon.

However this script stays active until screen is fully shut down, this
is a problem as when you detach from the session and then logoff the
device you end up leaving orphaned scripts each time you log back on.

Is there a way to start the screen -x root/Master session and still
allow this calling script to finish?


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