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Re: passing environment variables through to screen

From: Mark Diekhans
Subject: Re: passing environment variables through to screen
Date: Wed, 4 Jul 2012 12:05:48 -0700

Thanks for the response.  In case this hits anyone else, the
problem is this is a Linux security measure due to screen being
setgid.  This seems Linux-specifc in the system and specific to TMPDIR
and certain other environments variables.  See below.  It's
mentioned here:

Although this is not documented in man as suggest in
one of the postings.

The best work around I can see is to have TMPDIR set in


FreeBSD 8.2, OS/X 10.7.4:
    TMPDIR=/var/barney FRED=fred screen 
    echo $TMPDIR
    echo $FRED

CentOS 5.2, Ubuntu 12.0
    TMPDIR=/var/barney FRED=fred screen 
    echo $TMPDIR
    bash: TMPDIR: unbound variable
    echo $FRED

Kevin Van Workum <address@hidden> writes:
>    As far as I know, screen behaves like any other process and inherits
>    its environment. So invoking screen as follows should work, if not,
>    then you have some other problems.

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