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LogFile name on Hardstatus

From: Kieran Bingham
Subject: LogFile name on Hardstatus
Date: Thu, 13 Oct 2011 10:02:15 +0100

Hi All,

I use screen a lot to keep log files of various tests I perform ...
As part of this I always have logging enabled, and I 'stop and
restart' each time to create a new log file

My screenrc has the following lines in it to enable the logging

deflog on
logdir $HOME/logs
logfile %Y-%m-%d_%0c.%t.log

Now as part of this - I need to keep track of each log file for my
results - Each time I stop and start the log - i get a brief window of
opportunity to copy out the new filename - but its brief.

I would like to show the current log file on my status - is this
possible? I've tried various combinations of escape sequences on
$LOGNAME based on earlier googling but I wonder if that is the
LoginName environment shell - not the name of the log file...

I would like to achieve something like:

hardstatus string '%{= kG}[ %{G}%H %{g}][\$LOGNAME][ %=
%{g}][%{B}%Y-%m-%d %{W}%c %{g}]'

Does anyone know if this is possible ?


Kieran Bingham

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