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Re: Beginner Question: Is GNU Screen still in active development? Will t

From: Jostein Berntsen
Subject: Re: Beginner Question: Is GNU Screen still in active development? Will there be future releases?
Date: Thu, 13 Oct 2011 17:35:00 +0200
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On 13.10.11,09:45, Brian Kroth wrote:
> Andrew Schulman <address@hidden> 2011-10-13 09:46:
> >>Regarding the subject, just wanted to know this because I am trying to
> >>decide whether to go with Screen or Tmux.   So far in my experience,
> >>Screen seems more mature (but I might not be qualified enough to say
> >>this :-) ) .
> I admit a release has been slow in coming, and because of that I
> have also been considering a switch to tmux for a handful of
> features I've been waiting for.  However, screen is mature and I
> know it well and haven't had enough time to switch yet.  I also
> don't know if I could get tmux for some of the Solaris machines I
> have to deal with.  Also, most of the features I wanted have been in
> the git version of screen for a while so development on screen does
> continue to progress albeit slowly.
> In an effort to move things along some of us have started work to
> try and package a git version for distros like Debian:
> I'm using it (backported for squeeze) on a large lab setup already.

You also have screen-session which is built on the most recent development 
version on screen and with several extra features:


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