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Re: notification of command finished on main shell?

From: Gerald Young
Subject: Re: notification of command finished on main shell?
Date: Tue, 21 Sep 2010 11:06:13 -0500
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On Monday 20 September 2010 7:42:47 am david rene comba lareu wrote:
> Hi,
> i usually use screen to run background process as
> download/copy/upload/delete big files and that stuff, thought ssh, i was
> wondering if there exist any feature that could print a message when the
> last command finished on the main shell (ssh) or maybe also if i'm on
> another screen instance.


You could use the bell control character. A simplistic example:
sleep 5 ; echo -e '\a'

If you run that in a window and then switch to another window,  after 5 
seconds you should see a message like:
Bell in window 6

Works even if you run the command remotely thru SSH.

Gerald Young

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