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Assistance with backtick and caption

From: Daniel Swan
Subject: Assistance with backtick and caption
Date: Tue, 8 Sep 2009 08:10:47 -0600

Help with GNU screen: Backtick and Caption.
I'm trying to get GNU screen to show the output of "uptime" for the host being accessed in the current window, but unfortunately, no matter what window I go in, it shows the uptime for the host I originally launched screen in ("adminhost").

Does anyone know how to get this to update from the current host I'm on?

Here's my screenrc:

escape ^Ww
sessionname dswan
shell /bin/ksh
backtick 1 5 5 uptime
backtick 2 10 10 hostname
caption always "%2` %1`"

screen -t adminhost
screen -t host1 ssh host1
screen -t host2 ssh host2
screen -t host3 ssh host3


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