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modifying terminfo via termcapinfo

From: Joahnn Gile
Subject: modifying terminfo via termcapinfo
Date: Mon, 7 Sep 2009 12:45:08 +0000 (GMT)


since the screen-256color-bce-s terminfo entry cannot be set from screenrc I 
would like to modify the screen-256color-bce entry via termcapinfo in my 

term screen-256color-bce
termcapinfo xterm* '' 'hs:ts=\E_:fs=\E\\:ds=\E_\E\\'

This seems to modify the termcap entry correctly:

$ printenv TERMCAP | grep hs

However it does not seem to modify terminfo correctly,

$ printf "$(tput tsl)foobar$(tput fsl)"

does not change the title.
If I change TERM manually to screen-256color-bce-s it works,

$ export TERM=screen-256color-bce-s
$ printf "$(tput tsl)foobar$(tput fsl)"

changes the title.
The only difference between screen-256color-bce and screen-256color-bce-s is:

$ infocmp -d screen-256color-bce screen-256color-bce-s
comparing screen-256color-bce to screen-256color-bce-s.
    comparing booleans.
    comparing numbers.
    comparing strings.
        dsl: NULL, '\E_\E\\'.
        fsl: NULL, '\E\\'.
        tsl: NULL, '\E_'.

So what's wrong here, is termcapinfo not modifying the terminfo entry?

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