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Re: Make screen title flash ...

From: Malte Skoruppa
Subject: Re: Make screen title flash ...
Date: Thu, 13 Aug 2009 14:47:55 +0200
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maybe you could do something with a little bash script?
Remember that you can change the screen title from within the console by echoing a special control sequence, e.g. echo -n -e "\033kmy screen title\033\\"

Let us assume you have the title you want to make blink in a variable $TITLE

Then how about this:

# first we need a function that generates an
# empty string of the same length as $TITLE
makeblanks() {
 for i in `seq $len`; do

# now we have the title in $TITLE and the
# "blank" title in $BLANKTITLE
# all we need to do is alternate them every
# second or so
blink() {
 while [ true ]; do
  sleep 1
  if [ $status -eq 0 ]; then
   echo -n -e "\033k$BLANKTITLE\033\\"
   echo -n -e "\033k$TITLE\033\\"

Now all you need to do when you want to make your screen title flash is call the function blink
This can certainly be improved; e.g. maybe you don't want to have an infinite loop there, or it will never stop blinking... but I just wanted to give the key idea. :-)



Alan Young wrote:
On Wed, Aug 12, 2009 at 17:43, Christian Ebert<address@hidden> wrote:
Monitor the the window in question?

That won't work ... if I leave my irssi window in an active chat then
I'll get a ton of false positives.  Also, other windows won't get
noticed that way either.

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