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Re: Multiple Screen FAQ's

From: Adam Lazur
Subject: Re: Multiple Screen FAQ's
Date: Sat, 30 May 2009 11:14:31 -0700
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Dan Mahoney, System Admin (address@hidden) said:
> As I'm more a user and less a coder, could someone tell me if any of
> those  entries are obvious old news?

Q: Is screen year 2000 compliant?

but I bet you got that one ;)

Q: Why is it impossible to download a file with Kermit/sz/rz when screen
is running? Do I need to set some special variables? 

That one seems to be ancient ... or maybe I'm just too young?

You could probably also drop some of the q's that apply to a version
older than ... 3.9.5 maybe?
    Q: The 'logdir' command no longer works. Why this?

All of "Compiler woes"

Q: Screen compiles fine but when you try to start it you get: InitPty:
cannot I_PUSH ptem: Invalid argument 

You could probably shuffle a bunch of the SunOS and other OS items into
a section called "Archaic operating systems support" :)

Adam Lazur

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