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Re: how to kill some borked elements in screen

From: Chris Jones
Subject: Re: how to kill some borked elements in screen
Date: Thu, 28 May 2009 21:21:45 -0400
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On Thu, May 28, 2009 at 06:29:08PM EDT, Dan Mahoney, System Admin wrote:
> On Thu, 28 May 2009, Chris Jones wrote:


> >The way to work around this issue as recommended by the manual is
> >either not to use Ctrl-a as your screen escape key or to rebind kill
> >to something else, such as "Shift-k".


> So the screenrc that ships cancels out the built in (and dangerous)
> mapping.  Why have it in in the first place then?

Backward compatibility?

> My screen ctrl-a ? shows that both k and K are kill -- is this the same 
> for you?  If so, where's it defined?

If I do the following:

$ touch /tmp/screenrc
$ screen -c /tmp/screenrc

the outcome is that Ctrl-a ? now displays:

kill ^K k

Presumably these are the hard-coded defaults (?)


Ctrl-a Ctrl-k or Ctrl-a k

both cause the "Really kill this window y/n" prompt to be displayed, while 

Ctrl-a K

does nothing.

If I proceed with a:

Ctrl-a :
bind K kill

and issue a Ctrl-a ?

I now have 

kill ^K K k

And all three combos:

Ctrl-a k
Ctrl-a Shift-k
Ctrl-a Control-k

result in the "Really kill this window.." confirmation message to be displayed.

Looks like things appear to work as advertised.

> Also, wordwise:
> It is recommended not to use
> would be clearer as:
> It is recommended to either not use
> as the "not" confused me on initial read.

That's pretty much how I reformulated it - see above.

If you're a native speaker of English and consider the doc confusing you
may want to consider submitting a patch?


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