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cp866 capital Cyrillic

From: Peter Vereshagin
Subject: cp866 capital Cyrillic
Date: Wed, 6 May 2009 20:41:24 +0500

You're face to face with man who sold the world, screen-users!

I always use gnu screen, thanks much for it.
I'd like to report I can't see capital Cyrillic letter on a cygwin's sshd, 
launched on ms-windows ( plain regular xp pro in my case ) which equips its CLI 
with ibm-cp866 encoding and most of tools, e. g. netstat are localized out 
I am sure it is because of the screen. I mean I can see capital Cyrillic 
letters in the ssh right before I start screen inside ssh, but not later.
I'd like to file it as a screen bug or feature request, what I should do best 
for it?
Thank you.

73! Peter

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