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Re: escape 0xa0 in utf8

From: Giulio Bottazzi
Subject: Re: escape 0xa0 in utf8
Date: Sat, 28 Feb 2009 09:45:03 +0100

sorry to bother. I can reply myself. I've got the idea just after
writing my email, as usually happens! I've lost one hour browsing the
web for a solution. In any case here it is: use a character that's not
remapped by UTF-8. So for instance setting 'keycode 115 = 0x1' in
.Xmodemap and 'escape \1a' in .screenrc seems to work.


On Sat, Feb 28, 2009 at 9:32 AM, Giulio Bottazzi
<address@hidden> wrote:
> Hello all,
> I used to use the windows key to generate the escape character for
> screen. I achieved this by remapping the windows key to produce an ISO
> 8859-1 Characters "NO-BREAK SPACE" with
> keycode 115 = 0xa0
> in .Xmodemap and then setting this as the escape character for screen using
> escape \240a
> in .screenrc
> This method does no longer work with UTF-8. I understand this is due
> to a remapping of the ISO8859-1 character but I can't understand how
> to tell screen to take this remap into consideration. Any help?
> Best,
> G.
> --
> Giulio Bottazzi <address@hidden>

Giulio Bottazzi <address@hidden>

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