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Re: Help Using Screen With Progress

From: Micha
Subject: Re: Help Using Screen With Progress
Date: Wed, 4 Feb 2009 21:57:41 +0200

Hi There Again

Not sure if this list is still working but i have been playing around a bit and found part of the problem.

Progress has it's own termcap definitions in a file called protermcap. The following is defined for vt220:

When starting screen with "screen -T vt220" and then running mpro I get strange fonts appearing in the telnet terminal emulator(this does not have support for UTF-8) as well as in putty(if this is set to ISO 8895-1) but with putty when the translation is set to UTF-8 the lines are drawn correctly.

When I modify the protermcap and change GS and GE to be: ":GS=:\" and ":GE=:\" the lines for the boxes are printed using the defined characters for G1 through GV as above(the characters only, no line drawing)

What I need is what would i need to define for the GS and GE characters for screen to correctly begin Graphical Line Drawing for ISO 8895-1 and what octal or characters are required for G1 to GV?

Any help would be appreciated.


On Tue, Feb 3, 2009 at 11:13 PM, Micha <address@hidden> wrote:
Hi There

I need some help with the following situation if it is at all possible. We are using the Progress Database with MFG and QAD. We have a Java based Telnet emulator PASSPORT WEB TO HOST by the Zephyr Corp and I am looking at a way to get this working with gnu screen. I am not sure where to start but the current problem is that the output characters for the border of the character based menu does not display as it should using screen. I have some screen dumps in jpg format but i am not sure if this can be posted to the mailing list.
I do know the following:
1.) PASSPORT to WEB does not have support for UTF-8
2.) The MFG/QAD/Progress code uses it's own termcap(protermcap) but within it there does not seem to be the problem.
3.) I have tried looking for information on the web for setting to use in .screenrc to help but to no avail.
4.) I have tried to use defutf8 off but this does not change anything on how the characters are displayed.
5.) I have tried putty and setting the translation to UTF-8 and used Progress with the screen displaying correctly.
What I think, if i am correct, i'm looking for is someway to change the output of screen from UTF-8 and such encoding to possible ISO8859-1 as the telnet terminal emulator(PASSPORT WEB to HOST) is not able to translate the outputed screen and display correctly.
Any help in this matter would be appreciated. Any direction. If needed and if possible i can attach the screen dumps if this would help in seeing what I mean.

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