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Re: Killing backticks when bouncing screen.

From: Michael Grant
Subject: Re: Killing backticks when bouncing screen.
Date: Fri, 23 Jan 2009 10:34:32 +0100

Another option is to update the info in the status line in your shell
prompt.  That's what I do.  It then updates the status line when you
print your prompt (each time you press return).  It obviously only
changes when your prompt gets printed, but if you're working in that
window, then that's quite often.

This is what I do in my prompt in bash:

export PS1='[\$\!] \[^[_`/bin/cat somefile` \H \w^[\\\]'

That makes my status line look like the contents of some file, then
the hostname, then the current directory.  You replace the output of
your script in the /bin/cat somefile.  Note: The ^[ is an escape
character, not ^ followed by [ (there are 2 escapes in that line
above), but the [ without the ^ before it is a single [.  I realize
that's a bit confusing to look at.

With this you have no process to worry about, but the down side is
that it doesn't update every second.

Michael Grant

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