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Re: EOL switch?

From: Micah Cowan
Subject: Re: EOL switch?
Date: Wed, 21 Jan 2009 08:57:42 -0800
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Leslie P. Polzer wrote:
>> I don't know of any screen commands that do this. I would expect it to
>> be a property of the terminal; a setting of stty. See what stty says
>> about the ocrnl or similar options when you do "stty -a".
> I can't. How will I send a line without Return working?

Then, run 'stty -a < $PTY' from a different terminal, where $PTY is the
terminal device file, for both the terminal in which screen is running,
and the terminal that has been opened within screen. The former can be
determined with the "tty" command prior to running screen in it, the
latter should be available by looking in /proc/X/fds, where X is the
screen backend's proc id (found via ps?). It may help to detach screen
so the backend is the only screen process.

Which terminals did you experience this problem on? What shell do you
use (please include version information)? Do you have any
screen-specific code in your profile/rc script? And what version of
screen are you running?

Do you continue to experience the problem when screen is run with an
empty config file (say, screen -c /dev/null), and when you run an app
directly without a shell (say, "screen vim")? If you run "screen cat"
and type carriage returns, does anything at all happen?

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