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External programs for hardstatus and screen blocking.

From: David Francos (XayOn)
Subject: External programs for hardstatus and screen blocking.
Date: Thu, 15 Jan 2009 12:15:35 +0100
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Hi, screen users, I'm using screen as my laptop's main desktop environment (
my battery runs twice the time it does with X).

I miss having an screensaver (for example cmatrix) when blocking
screen (C-a-x). Is there a way to do so? I mean, changing the binding
so it calls first the screensaver and then the builtin screen lock
If not, I could try to implement it on attacher.c's screen_builtin_lck

Also, as I said, I use it on my laptop, so I'd love to have a battery
metter there. I made a console script that displays it, but I'd really
love to see it on hardstatus. How can I make hardstatus exec an
external program? (And better if it shelf-refresh it).

This does not belog to the subjet but... Also, is there a way to exec
framebuffer-based apps on screen? Like links -g (the only one I use).

Also GPM does not work for me on finch, and I don't mind, thanks to that, I 
discovered I prefer finch with keyboard ;-)

Thanks in advance.

PD: I'm resending it, since I forgot to confirm my subscription
before sending 1st time, and isn't arriving so I supposed it was
rejected (as it should be)

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