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Re: ;screen printed in top left corner

From: Micah Cowan
Subject: Re: ;screen printed in top left corner
Date: Wed, 07 Jan 2009 08:30:53 -0800
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Dave Wood wrote:
> On (16:32 19/12/08), Dave Wood <address@hidden> put forth the
> proposition:
>> On (18:54 18/12/08), Dave Wood <address@hidden> put forth the
>> proposition:
>>> I find after switching screens a few times that I get either
>>> ';screen' or
>>> ';xterm-xf86-v40' printed in the top left corner and this tends to push
>>> everything on the first line along and onto the next line which tends to
>>> corrupt the application's normal rendering.
>> I *may* have found the solution - I noticed this happens when I run
>> elinks
>> in a screen. I updated to the latest version of elinks and so far it
>> hasn't
>> happened again yet.
> Ok this is still happening. I have to stop all progs and restart screen to
> get rid of this. Sometimes it prints ';screen' and sometimes the $TERM. Any
> ideas at all what could be causing this?

All I can suggest is to turn on logging within screen (C-a H), and then
as soon as you can see that problem again, stop logging and send us the
file (it's a binary file that _appears_ to be text; don't be fooled,
don't try to copy/paste, but attach the original file). If it's a large
file, maybe post it somewhere and send the link, or just send to me.

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