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screen on linux vs freebsd

From: Michael Grant
Subject: screen on linux vs freebsd
Date: Sun, 4 Jan 2009 12:16:59 +0100

I have both a linux box and a freebsd box.  I have just started using
screen on the linux box.  There seems to be some very definite
differences in behavior between the two.

On the linux box, using putty, screen doesn't seem to let me use
putty's scroll buffer.   In other words, as lines scroll off the top
of the visible area of the tty, they are gone.  Unlike freebsd where
when lines scroll off the screen, they are in Putty's scroll buffer
and I can use the scroll bar to scroll up and see them as if the tty
were really a long paper scroll.

I'm not talking about screen's buffer, I'm referring to the scroll
buffer that's part of my terminal program, putty.

Incidentally, and I don't know if this is related, on linux, when I
more or vi a file, when I quit (or even when I stop the process),
linux redraws the screen that was there before I started more or vi.
I would call this a sort of "save under", as in something saved the
state of the screen that was under the edit session and restored it
after.  I never saw this behavior on freebsd.

I would like to be able to scroll back up to things in putty's scroll
back buffer on linux. How does one control this on linux?

As an idea, it would be really cool and useful if somehow putty's
scroll back buffer was somehow linked to screen's buffer so the putty
scroll bar would let me scroll up.  On freebsd I can mimic that by
repainting the scroll buffer each time I switch screens, but you see
it, and you loose any color.  I don't know any way to tie the scroll
bar to anything because as far as I know, there's no escape codes
associated with the scroll bar which is a shame.

But aside from this idea, is there any way I can get a similar
behavior on linux as freebsd?

Michael Grant

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